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Creative Portrait Painting

Han Bingning

Size One person Two people More than two people
60cm x 90cm HK$40,000 HK$50,000 According to the
composition of
the portrait
90cm x 120cm HK$60,000 HK$80,000
120cm x 150cm HK$100,000 HK$130,000
Special price for tailor-made sizes

Creative portrait is a hybrid of real life people and artistic imagination. It’s a kind of portrait that re-interprets the soul of a person with the ideas of the artist, which is quite different from the tradition kind of portraits. The artist will be inspired by the photos, extract the essence of the figures and use her visual language to express her feelings towards the images. It might be hip, down to earth, surreal or dreamy. Let you and your loved ones be the subject matters in the mind of fine artist and record your face with divine aestheticism!
  • Whole body high resolution photographs to be provided. (3-5 pieces, including close up shots of the faces. It’s even better if multi-angled photos or photos with expressive looks and postures can be provided. We provide photo-taking services by professional photographers if needed, which is $2000)
  • A 50% deposit has to be made after the sizes are chosen.
  • Based on the photographs, a draft will be designed by the artist and confirmed by you before it is painted.
  • The balanced will be paid after you receive the final piece.

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